Monday, August 4, 2008


In today's modern church, a link has developed between emotionalism and the "move of the Holy Spirit". And by deduction, many in the Body of Christ would say that if a service does not provide some form of emotion (and by emotion, I mean things like speaking in tongues, "hooping" preaching, or worked-up crowds) that the Holy Spirit was somehow absent in its makeup.
However, Daniel Hyde challenges this belief in his Modern Reformation article, "In Search of the Spirit". Using the Heidelberg Catechism and other Reformed sources, Hyde shows how the Holy Spirit actually moves within the components of a true Biblical worship service--that is, through the Preached Word, the Sacraments, and Baptism.
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Danny Hyde said...

Thank you for recommending my article, brother. It is great to know that no matter the skin color of those in worship, the same Holy Spirit ministers the grace of Christ through Word and Sacrament to his people.


Danny Hyde

Ebony Puritan said...

No problem Danny!

You're article was a true expression of Godly Worship, and I pray that people will read it and will be able to discern a true move of the Spirit in comparison to an move of emotion.