Tuesday, September 30, 2008


To be honest, I have always been weary about John McCain's choice for VP. Personally, I don't think a hockey mom who has a 5 month old baby is capable of taking on such a prominent and important position. But after watching Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric, I have found another reason why I don't like his choice: She seems ignorant, not only to several issues, but also about her own running mate. I have never seen a person so ill-prepared for an interview in all my time following politics.

Add this to "Obama Mania" that is sweeping through our black communities, and this promises to be a really interesting election to say the least. Click above and see what I am talking about.

UPDATE: Apparently, Sarah Palin has a history of this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NrzXLYA_e6E

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Perhaps there is no Theologian loved more in the Reformed circles than Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. And, in addition, there is possibly no better person to receive more profound quotes from than Lloyd-Jones. Here is one I find very direct and accurate:

If you have never felt shame in proclaiming the gospel, it’s probably because you don’t understand the gospel.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Once again, we are closing in on the Miami Pastor's Conference, which will be held November 6-8 at Glendale Baptist Church in Miami, FL.

This year's theme is "What Is Christ Saying To and Through His Church"? The speakers will include the regulars: Host Pastor Rickey Armstrong, Pastor Ken Jones, Pastor Anthony Carter, Pastor Redditt Andrews and Pastor Michael Leach. And this year's Conference will feature guest speakers and teachers: Dr. Robert Cameron, Dr. Voddie Baucham, and Pastor Michael Campbell.

Registration is now underway, so please click here for more information and I'll see you in Miami!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Planned Parenthood has a new promotional web site entitled, "Take Care Down There". This site contains vignettes which, not only promotes "safe sex", but also oral sex, group sex, and homosexual situations. After watching these clips, you tell me if you would use this site to teach your children about the "birds and the bees" ? (Click on the tabs on the right side of the screen to see each vignette).

Friday, September 5, 2008


I have never made no secret about this fact: I love my Alma Mater, KNOX Theological Seminary. It is--as one of my friends put it--a "diamond in the rough" as far as good, biblically sound seminaries go.
And I have been blessed to be able to audit a class this semester on Thursday nights entitled Evangelism and Church Health, which basically deals with how to present the Gospel (in all of its components) in your sermon preparation and delivery.

And while the class is really stimulating and convicting, the real excitement that I experienced at KNOX last night was meeting several black students at the school. In fact, in this class alone, there are five. When I graduated from KNOX last year, I noticed that a lot more blacks were attending the seminary than when I first started. For example, in the Worship class that I took in Fall of 2006, the blacks out numbered all other races in the class--something absolutely unprecedented at KNOX at the time.

I was privileged to talk with some of these students and I saw in many of them a passion to take what they are learning and use it to reform the black church to where it needs to be. These students are not only hearing about the Doctrines of Grace (some for the very first time), but also why they need to be preached within our culture. I am excited to see God put fires in the bellies of these wonderful brothers and sisters, and it makes me believe that God is truly bringing light out of darkness.

And while other ministries, in their actions, will discourage us in thinking that African-American Theology is still heading downward we, as African-Americans who adhere to Reformed Theology, need to praise God for the remnant He has placed in Seminaries like KNOX, Westminster, RTS, Greenville, Southern Baptist, and others. Equally, we need to not only pray for our churches, but also these men and women for their studies, their callings, and their encouragement as they will (more than likely) face persecution for standing on the Word of Truth.