Tuesday, July 1, 2008


As I have mentioned many times in this blog, on weekends I do jail ministry at the JV Conte Facility in Pompano Beach, FL, and if you are doing, have done, or even heard about jail ministry you will notice that the men or women ministered to have a lot of different talents that will bless your heart.

And this past Sunday night, this reality was shown by leaps and bounds. One inmate gave a beautiful Gospel presentation using the word "Change". If you haven't noticed, the word "hang" seperates the "C" and "E" in "change". And stating that the "C" stands for "Christians" and "E" stands for "Eternal Life" he showed this biblical truth:

In order for Christians to obtain Eternal Life, Jesus had to hang on the cross and die for our sins! Thus, by Christ's death all have experienced a "change" in disposition from the pangs of hell to the graces and blessings of God through Christ Jesus. May God bless all His children with this truth to our hearts!!!

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