Tuesday, March 18, 2008


If there is one man that I respect very highly in Christianity today, it is Dr. John MacArthur. In writing sermons and preparing papers and/or bible lessons, it has become a customary thing for me to check his views, on the Scripture or topic that I am writing about, to get a clear and historical view on the point(s) discussed.

And while I can honestly say that I do not agree with him in everything (in particular, with his Dispensational views and some of his views of the role of women in society), I do love his teaching style and his Bible exegesis.

And, just today, I found another reason to respect Dr. MacArthur. And that reason is that he is a man that is humble enough to admit his faults when shown in error. On his web site "Grace to You", he has an article in which he retracts his former stance on the Eternal Sonship of Christ. Previously, MacArthur believed that Christ's role of Son happened at His incarnation. However, after much re-examining of Scripture, MacArthur has correctly came to the conclusion that Christ and God the Father has had a Father-Son relationship from all eternity.

In a time where the battle for doctrinal purity can cause some to be blind to their denominational preferences and ideas, I find it refreshing that Dr. MacArthur can re-examine his beliefs and come public in an area where he was in error and say "I was wrong"! I believe this situation should be a wake up call in our Reformed circles to both continue the fight for truth and to obey Luther's edict to "semper reformanda", or "Forever Faithfully Reform".

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healtheland said...

Hmmm ... where in scripture does it say that Jesus Christ was God's Son for eternity? I presumed that Jesus Christ became the Son during the incarnation as well, because there would have been no reason for a Father - Son relationship to exist between the two eternal co - equal Persons of the Holy Trinity prior to and apart from the need to pay for the sins of mankind. Further, if that is the relationship between the Father and the Son, what of the relationship between the Father and Holy Spirit, or the Son and Holy Spirit, prior to the incarnation, resurrection, and for that matter creation? I will study the John MacArthur article for the relevant scriptures and exegesis, and I would hope that you would direct your thoughts on the matter to me as well. I can be reached at either healtheland@gmail.com or with any comment (or the contact form) at http://healtheland.wordpress.com. Thank you.

Job King

saint james said...

I am not in agreement with McArthur on this one. Like you, I also check his view and commentary on issues of the New Testament. I find his scholarship very helpful.
This time I am not convinced he is "in the Book" as we say. I believe the Christ of GOD, Jesus was indeed coexistent with the Father as the WORD and He became the Son in the Incarnation. As the picture in Genesis, The Father gave the Word in creation and the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters.....